Thursday, October 29, 2020

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Seldom in history, a generation is blessed to share their existence with a dynamic leader and a flamboyant personality who, in addition to these attributes, happens to be an eternal gift to the mankind. A benchmark of human intelligence with an understanding surpassing all standards, he has stood the test of times. Yes, we are talking about the extraordinaire Rahul Gandhi. We are honoured as a generation, for getting the opportunity to stand in reverence, to this magnificent persona. Times of Rahul is a medium to catch a glimpse of his outstanding life and remarkable political acumen.

Times of Rahul is not a website, it is an opportunity, for the Indians and the people all over the world to witness the depth of Rahul Gandhi’s wisdom. It is an attempt to bring more clarity to the public discourse surrounding Rahul Gandhi. In pursuance to that endeavour, we dedicate this humble effort of ours to this great leader.

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