Thursday, November 26, 2020

Bhrashtachari number 1- The Man Who Changed Defence Procurement Forever

08 May 2019

“Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones at others”, this goes down well with the Congress president Rahul Gandhi. Rahul Gandhi, apart from being the Congress’ head holds another position of being a serial liar who has been going on a spree of spreading lies and chanting “Chowkidar Chor Hae.” Soon in a “I’m sorry” moment (pun intended), the Supreme Court burst the fanciful bubble of Mr. Gandhi and made him go down on his knees apologising for his derogatory and false remarks.

In an attempt to finally show the mirror to Mr. Gandhi and in a tirade against his allegations around the Rafale fighter jet, PM Modi said, “Your father was termed ‘Mr Clean’ by his courtiers, but his life ended as ‘Bhrashtachari number 1.” The PM, through his remarks, referred to the Bofors scam in which the former PM Rajiv Gandhi was implicated. It is no lesser known fact as well and has been reported by extensively by various reports and investigations. He referred to the same Bofors scam that revealed how Congress corruption culture spread from top to bottom even involving Prime Minister of India. Former head of Swedish police, who led the investigation into the Bofors-India gun deal categorically stated that Rajiv Gandhi allowed a massive cover-up aimed to protecting Ottavio Quattrocchi, a prime accused. The scam involved kick-backs of Rs.64 crore. It is because of this one man that the defence sector of India suffered a major setback. It is because of this one man that our armed forces lacked capacity and capability for long. But again, Congress got no chill! In no time, not just the Congress but the entire coterie of its bootlickers got offended on having called the God-like Rajiv Gandhi “corrupt”.

Their entire ecosystem took to social media to slam PM Modi over his comments on former PM Rajiv Gandhi. The Congress leaders even accused the PM of crossing “all limits of propriety and decency”. But someone should ask their “ideal and decent” lot where their morality and humanity were when late Mr. Parrikar was used for petty political gains by Rahul Gandhi while the former was in his death bed? Where is the morality when Congress doesn’t spare even the dead leaders of the BJP while making false accusations? The cabal of left liberals remained mum all throughout. Even on the occasion when Mr. Gandhi was slammed for his “Chowkidar Chor” remarks, none of the Congress’s pet left liberals dared to utter an ounce of word. No one dared to question the “Your Highness” when the reports of corruption involving former business partner of RaGa did rounds of where the subsidiaries associated with a former business partner, Ulrik Mcknight, reportedly got defence offset contracts during UPA regime. If hypocrisy had a face, it would have been of these loyal of Gandhi family.

Moreover, the section of media persons and politicians who are now preaching sermons on morality and ethics in politics, had never questioned Rahul Gandhi and his party men when they unleashed the most sinister vilification campaign against PM Modi. Congress loyalties, before spewing muck at the PM should first educate them of India’s political history before educating the people.