Thursday, November 26, 2020

Breaking: Priyanka Gandhi's Nose Longer Than Indira's Say Scientists

13 May 2019

Scientists from the Jawaharlal Nehru University made an outstanding discovery which could potentially change the political course of India. As per reports, a breakthrough discovery was made on Monday when it was learnt that Priyanka Gandhi's nose is not the exact same replica of her grandmother Indira Gandhi.

Recently Priyanka Gandhi paid tributes to a life-sized image of Indira Gandhi in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. While garlanding the statue of her grandmother, Priyanka stood shoulder to shoulder with her as camera flashlights started capturing the moment. However, what was meant as a stunt to garner votes, ended up giving the Congress party a 'bloody nose'.

As soon as the pictures got published, scientists from JNU discovered that Priyanka Gandhi's nose was 1 cm longer than her grandmother's. The discovery shocked scientists & psephologists alike, who are now busy analysing its impact on the 2019 election results.

"It is not clear whether her nose was always longer than Indira Gandhi or it got longer due to lying, just like Pinocchio's. We have sent a team of experts to take a closer view of Priyanka's nose. Before coming to a conclusion, let's wait for the forensic reports to come in," said one scientist who was baffled at the discovery.

Priyanka Gandhi's electoral pitch, political relevance and in fact her entire existence is dependant on her nose. This discovery could cost the Congress party a lot. The Bhartiya Janata Party is also leaving no stone unturned to 'rub her nose' in this latest discovery. As per reports, a team of journalists were planted right outside the Priyanka's house to interrogate her on her nose.

"Why can't people keep their nose out of my personal matters?" said an agitated Priyanka Gandhi before boarding her car and driving away from a bunch of journalists gathered outside her house.

Disclaimer: This article is purely intended as a work of fiction and constitutes satire.