Thursday, November 26, 2020

Congress Demands To Rename INS Viraat to ‘Rajiv Gandhi Samudree Yatra Cruise’

11 May 2019

Recently it was revealed that Rahul Gandhi's father and former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi blatantly misused India's aircraft carrier INS Viraat as his own personal taxi. While a lot of people came out to criticize Rajiv Gandhi for playing with National Security, Indian National Congress saw a golden opportunity amidst all the noise.

On Saturday, Congress through a press conference demanded to rename INS Viraat to 'Rajiv Gandhi Samudree Yatra Cruise'. The demand came directly from Priyanka Gandhi's office.

"The Gandhis have named almost the entire country after their family members. Yesterday it suddenly hit Priyanka Gandhi that her ancestors mistakenly left out renaming aircrafts, ships & other defence vessels. In fact, why not rename India to 'Gandhia'?" said Surjewala.

Rajiv Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi’s Italian mother, brother and maternal uncle were also present aboard on INS Viraat during the holiday voyage to Lakshadweep Islands. A submarine was also present, in case the travellers wanted to discover the remains of Titanic.

"The Lakshadweep island was uninhabited. Everything had to be transported there for the guests. So what if a lot of taxpayers' money was wasted? The 10-day Gandhi-vacation was a learning exercise for the Lakshadweep administration. All this was done with an intent to boost tourism in Lakshadweep. Renaming INS Viraat to 'Rajiv Gandhi Samudree Yatra Cruise' would be a fitting tribute!" said Congress leader Anand Sharma.



Disclaimer: This article is purely intended as a work of fiction and constitutes satire.