Thursday, November 26, 2020

How the facts are different from Rahul Gandhi’s employment claim?

03 May 2018


Congress President Rahul Gandhi had said that there is no employment generation in the country. He chose to ridicule the employment situation in India when he addressed Congress Plenary session held in March 2018 and said that there is no employment. 


But here is a report which clearly states that according to EPFO, NPS data, 2.2 million formal jobs added in 6 months. Considering that these many jobs created in six-month period up to February, employment generation in huge margin achieved before Rahul took a dig in his speech. One of the authors who worked on this report had estimated that 7 million jobs would be created in FY18.

The fact that this government has provided MUDRA loans to 12 crore people to run business not only providing self-employment to beneficiaries but helping to generate jobs.


Thus, Rahul Gandhi is evidently wrong in his claim.

Some time back, speaking about employment in Princeton University in September 2017 he had said, “Frankly, the Congress party was unable to do it. But Modi is also unable to do it.” Now, Rahul Gandhi must be credited for admitting that UPA government did not create jobs. But the latter point as illustrated above is grossly false.