Thursday, November 26, 2020

Rahul Gandhi in an attempt to garner retweets and likes is spreading the fake news on social media.

06 Jun 2018


Insulting Arm forced officers and the central government, Rahul Gandhi tweeted

By doing this he is demoralizing the armed forces and their families, apart from labeling the present government as anti-army



It is clear that the central pay commission has created different slabs for different uniforms in different forces. Instead of letting ordnance factories directly providing uniforms, Soldiers will be given annual allowance to buy ones. Rahul Gandhi in his idiocy painted this right measure as anti-soldier and anti-army.

The CPC report says, that the uniforms will be sold only in official shops and proper identity card is needed for purchase.

Screenshots below are self-explanatory.



Mr. Rahul Gandhi, Soldiers are the pride of this country, not an instrument to play politics.

What a shame!