Thursday, November 26, 2020

Rahul Gandhi Lies About Assault on Dalits

16 Jun 2018


Rahul Gandhi tweeted by posting the video, where two Dalit boys are being thrashed and claimed 


“The only mistake these

Dalit boys did, was that they were bathing in a ‘Savarna’ well”,


Those two boys belong to the Scheduled Caste, but the one thrashing them belongs to the Nomadic tribes and another one belongs to the OBC caste. 

Ishwar Joshi(one of the suspect) with a Joshi sirname is confused to be a Brahmin but in Jalgaon district, Joshis are Nomadic Tribal (Bull keepers). The other suspect, Pralhad Lohar, is OBC.


As a matter of fact, Chandrakant Patil, who is a Minister in Maharashtra Government replied to Mr. Gandhi that the people behind the incident are from a nomadic tribe. Here is his tweet in Marathi:


The act of violence unleashed upon the boys is a highly deplorable act but painting the video as a Savarna committing atrocities on Dalits is despicable, which Rahul Gandhi did on his social media profile.

Rahul Gandhi earlier spread lies about Indian Soldiers being denied uniforms, now he is dividing people based on Caste, while the matter is a local issue between the tribals and the people belonging to the scheduled castes.

However, the act of beating and thrashing the boys, only for using the water of a well, is highly condemnable and the men involved should definitely be brought to justice.

Here is our suggestion:

Please refrain from blindly believing the social media posts of the honourable president of the Congress party - Rahul Gandhi