Thursday, November 26, 2020

"I'm So Sorry" - Straight From the Dreamland of Rahul Gandhi!

22 Apr 2019

Old habits die hard- this line is proving true in the case of Mr Rahul Gandhi. Not once or twice, there have been innumerable instances when Rahul Gandhi made oft-repeated and fake charges against Prime Minister Modi. With his penchant of being a pathological liar, Mr Gandhi did not leave any stone unturned to bring international shame by lying about the French President on the Rafale issue.

It might be the case that Gandhi clan is yet to digest the fact that a defence procurement deal can be done transparently and without any kickbacks hence they are forced to make a scam out of it with all their might. While attempting to do that, Rahul Gandhi has gone to the extent of conjuring facts out of thin air. His adventures don’t halt here. To assign credibility to his statements, Rahul Gandhi twisted the Supreme Court’s words and attributed ‘Chowkidar Chor Hai’ to the Apex Court’s ongoing decision in the Rafale case.

On April 10, the Supreme Court had allowed leaked documents in court to be relied upon by petitioners seeking review of its Rafale judgment. A few hours after that, Rahul, while interacting with journalists mentioned that he was happy that the Supreme Court order had proved his charge against the Prime Minister right on the Rafale deal.

Much to the chagrin of Gandhi, the apex court on April 15 gave a categorical clarification that in its Rafale judgment at no occasion had it made the mention of the contemptuous observation that "Chowkidar Narendra Modi Chor Hain" as claimed by Gandhi. The Supreme Court observed that the judgment was solely on the legal question of admissibility of documents produced by review petitioners.

Fearing the criminal contempt of the court that he had already committed now, he is going on retracting his statement with the excuse of making it in the “heat of political campaigning”. He goes on regretting for making the false claims on the decision of the apex court.

Someone should go and tell Mr Gandhi, the aspiring Prime Minister that a leader of Congress, that a true leader is never swayed away in the “heat of the moment” or under “emotions”. A leader never goes on a “panic” mode on the eve of a crisis. A leader isn’t a humbug and talks gibberish out of his whips and then hides behind the veil of “being misquoted”.

This is the true character of the President of the national party who themselves resort to falsehoods and go on a repeat mode of spreading lies. He prefers to live in this fairy tale world where to him everyone lies and misquotes him. Hope, Mr Gandhi comes of age soon!