Thursday, November 26, 2020

Is Rahul Gandhi rationalizing ISIS terrorists?

23 Aug 2018

Congress President Rahul Gandhi who is on a two-day visit to Germany, has shocked the world with his ‘enlightened’ views on the dreaded terrorist group ISIS.

He said –

“It took United States couple of months to defeat Saddam Hussein ‘s army. Hardly any Americans died, very limited number of soldiers died. Few months after the invasion, the network that was excluded from jobs in Iraq – The Tikrit tribal network lined up with the cell-phone network in Iraq and with the network of artillery shells left in the villages and you got an insurgency that fought United States. That insurgency slowly entered empty spaces in Iraq and Syria and then it connected to the global internet to form a horrific idea of ISIS”

Did you just read the same thing that we read? Rahul Gandhi essentially said ISIS is just a bunch of jobless men who became terrorists due to their joblessness!

It has outraged everyone that the president of a national party in India, in all his seriousness, justified the existence of ISIS, which regularly beheads people, rapes women – making them sex slaves, burns people alive and throws people from the top of buildings for their sexual preferences. The ISIS is also behind many terror attacks across the world.

Calling an extremely indoctrinated and ruthless cult of terrorists as a mere bunch of unemployed youth who were ‘excluded from jobs’ is not only a brazen justification for terror but is also factually wrong. There are multiple media reports of a large number of financially well-off youth who are part of these terrorist groups.

Apart from the ISIS, it is a fact that many other terrorist organisations too were not exactly ‘unemployed people who didn’t have jobs’. In fact, Osama Bin Laden, was a rich engineer and not an unemployed youth taking a stroll in Afghanistan.

The logical conclusion of Rahul Gandhi, given his justification of ISIS using ‘joblessness’, is that any heinous crime can be justified if there is a pet reason available. Today, he says terrorists murder because they are jobless. Tomorrow, he will justify murder for other reasons. It is a dangerous, slippery slope.

It is not the first time that Rahul Gandhi has been a terror apologist. In an official conversation with the US Ambassador Timothy Roemer in 2009, a Wikileaks cable said that Rahul Gandhi said that Lashkar-e-Taiba, a terror group responsible for killing hundreds of Indians, is less dangerous than ‘Hindu extremist’ groups.

Let us repeat that again for you. Rahul Gandhi told an American diplomat that Lashkar-e-Taiba that has killed hundreds of Indians is less dangerous than ‘Hindu extremist’ groups. This is the same mindset that constructed the bogey of ‘Hindu terror’ during the UPA rule.

His justification of ISIS’s terrorism must be seen in this light. It should not surprise us in future if Rahul Gandhi defends every act of terrorism and violence in India with some variant of ‘joblessness’. In fact, even Pakistan may use the same argument citing Rahul Gandhi for the terrorists they use to kill innocent Indians in Kashmir and elsewhere. Perhaps all those soldiers we have lost in the battle against terror were merely fighting unemployed youth.

Someone with such a mindset is a danger, especially when close to the corridors of power. There are two things which should be made clear, Rahul Gandhi has to stop making dangerous speeches and secondly, he must apologise not just to a billion Indians but to the world itself, for justifying terrorism.