Thursday, November 26, 2020

My Name is Vinci And I’m Not An Indian?

20 Apr 2019

The nation wants to know the truth, Mr Rahul Gandhi!

From double standards to double citizenships and double identities, Rahul Gandhi's series of lies is never-ending. Even while filing for the nomination, he did not leave the opportunity to lead astray the nation.

Let’s have a look at the discrepancies in Rahul Gandhi’s nomination papers:

Is RaGa a British citizen?

According to the certificate of incorporation of a company named Backops Limited, Britain where Rahul Gandhi held shares mentions his nationality as “British”. Rahul Gandhi under his income declaration has mentioned his UK address as well. Not just that, he filed his annual returns in 2004-06 in Britain while he was an MP in India.

How can he become a British? If he is a British citizen then according to the Representation of People Act, a non-Indian citizen is barred from contesting elections in the country. How is he then allowed to file his nomination? If he was a British before then on what basis has he acquired Indian citizenship?

Moreover, where are the details about the assets and properties of the UK company for the period between 2003 to 2009?

Too much Ghajini Effect that RaGa is living with!

Rahul Gandhi’s 2004 nomination papers list his qualifications as senior secondary from CBSE in 1989 and M.Phil from Trinity College in 1995. However, his affidavits for the subsequent elections add one more education qualification, that he had done BA from Rollins College in Florida in 1994. Why did he not list Rollins College degree before? Was it because by that time he couldn’t arrange for a fake degree or was it because the Shehzada felt like adding one more collection all of sudden?

The case of purposeful wrong declaration becomes further strong with two different affidavits talking about two different subjects i.e. “Development Economics” and “Development Studies”. This is the perfect example of how too many lies are needed to cover one single lie. If you can’t even remember your educational qualifications, how will you run the nation, Mr Gandhi?

My name is Vinci and I’m not an Indian?

A clear case of false declaration of identity is visible from the fact that the Bachelor of Arts certificate issued by Rollins College and M.Phil certificates issued by University of Cambridge (Trinity College) describes the person as “Raul Vinci” and not “Rahul Gandhi”. Therefore, either Rahul Gandhi did not obtain the educational qualifications mentioned in his affidavits, or his name is Raul Vinci and not Rahul Gandhi.

Although, the Congress’s manifesto has remained the same for time immemorial RaGa’s credentials have changed every five years. Sadly, Rahul Gandhi could stick to their decades' old slogan of “Garibi Hatao” but couldn’t stick to one education qualification. The man who is going around promising NYAY to the nation needs to first do some NYAY to himself.