Thursday, November 26, 2020


Kya Aap RaGa Se Tez Hai? The deciding moment is here! (Part 4 - Final):

Who will win this one? In this tense moment, Rahul Gandhi stumps the viewers with an unusual answer! Find out what he responds to Question No. 3: Link


Kya Aap RaGa Se Tez Hai? No, it’s not a trick question! (Part 3):

Rahul Gandhi might turn out to be much smarter than we give him credit for! That brings us to Question No. 2: Link


Kya Aap RaGa Se Tez Hai? Is that even a question? (Part 2):

The most amazing thing about this show is that it’s hard to lose to the main contender! Let’s put that thought on hold & check out Question No. 1: Link


Kya Aap RaGa Se Tez Hai? Here’s introducing our contestants (Part 1):

An amazing one of a kind show between 10-year old child and a 48-year old man-child. The competition is fierce! Who will make it?     Link


Kya Aap RaGa Se Tez Hai? Watch the FULL EPISODE to find out:

You might be educated, you might have a fancy degree, a well-paying job, and you might have even settled down in life. But are you smarter than Rahul Gandhi? Link


Rahul Gandhi Is Scared Of Chowkidar

Congress President Rahul Gandhi’s reaction whenever someone says #MainBhiChowkidar: Link


Happy World Theatre Day!

This video is an excellent testament of the acting skills of Congress President Rahul Gandhi! Link


Candidly Speaking - EXCLUSIVE Interview Of Rahul Gandhi. Hear it straight from the horse's mouth (Part 1):

In the run-up to Lok Sabha Elections 2019, has Rahul Gandhi laid down his arms already? What is going on inside his head? What is the mood of the Congress party right now?   Link


Candidly Speaking - EXCLUSIVE Interview Of Rahul Gandhi (Part 4 - Final):

In the last few minutes of the interview, the Congress President makes an astonishing revelation that is sworn to take you by shock! Link


Candidly Speaking - EXCLUSIVE Interview Of Rahul Gandhi. The answers will shock you - WATCH (Part 2):

What does he think about the five years under Modi govt? Will he contest against Narendra Modi in the 2019 elections? If not politics, what does he consider as an alternate career option?   Link